Nanotechnology/Nanomedicines in Cancer Treatment

The application of nanotechnology to cancer treatment has some exciting potential consequences, including the possibility of eliminating cancerous tumours with little injury to healthy tissue and organs and the identification and removal of sick cells before they form tumours. Focused chemotherapy, which delivers a tumor-executing agent called tumour rot factor alpha (TNF) to developing tumours, is one form of treatment under investigation. TNF is attached to a gold nanoparticle together with Thiol-derivatized polyethylene glycol (PEG-THIOL), which hides the TNF-bearing nanoparticle from the resistant framework. This enables the nanoparticle to pass through the circulatory system unharmed.Delivering or Augmenting Radiotherapy.

  • Delivering Chemotherapy
  • Nano-enabled Immunotherapy

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