Screening, Detecting and Diagnosing

Before bone cancer causes any warning signs or symptoms screening tests are used to descry the bone cancer. With the help of webbing tests bone cancer can be detected early which increase the chances of survival. Clinical bone test and mammography are bone cancer webbing tests. At advanced threat of bone cancer bone MRI can also be used for some women. important glamorous field and radio swells are used during glamorous resonance imaging( MRI), which produces detailed images of structures within the bone. If bone cancer gets detected either by screening tests or from symptoms individual tests are given to the woman who's suspected of having bone cancer. individual tests includes Mammogram(X-ray of bone), bone ultrasound( uses sound swells to produce filmland of structures), Removing a sample of bone cells for testing( vivisection), bone glamorous resonance imaging( MRI). These individual tests confirm the presence or absence of bone cancer and give further information about bone cancer like whether it has travelled outside the bone or not. numerous tests are used to cover how well curatives are working after the opinion of bone cancer. These tests after opinion are also used to check any signs of rush. These tests include mammography and medical history, physical examination. Case should visit the croaker after every 3 to 6 months for the 3 times after the treatment.

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